Last updated: 15 October 2018 (B.E. 2561)

สบป่อง ริเวอร์ อินน์

Conveniently located at latitude N 19 31.01 by longitude E 98 15.02 in Pangmapha District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. 

Visit the links below for more about Soppong and our Inn:

About us
Some pictures and information about our Seven Elephants Café and our accommodations.

About Soppong
Where it is and lots of information about Soppong (Pang Mapha district) and our corner of Mae Hong Son province. Current weather and forecast here too.

The Nests
The newest additions to our collection - our most comfortable and nicely furnished air conditioned accommodation.

Champa Room
Located adjacent to our deck, with space, comfort and air conditioning.

Leelawadi Cottage
A cozy two-storey cottage overlooking the river.

River Rim Cottage
Very open and simply natural - perched 10 metres above the river with your own private terrace.

Rice Hut
Styled after the rice barns in Northern Thailand.

Bamboo Rooms
Taking design cues from local Shan style...very comfy and right on the deck.

The Baan
Very private with an authentic northern Thai house experience. Perfect for a family.

Where is Soppong anyway? We also included some good detailed satellite maps for a bird's eye view of the area.

Contact Us

If you're just visiting and want to know more about Soppong, or would like to make a booking to stay with us, please let us know.

Or you can phone us at +66 53 617 107 or +66 81 250 8425.

You can also contact us on Line. Just add us: soppongriverinn


The Lang River...straight ahead...through the gates...

Through the gates...

Ricefields near Soppong

More rice fields in the vicinity of Soppong.

View of the river in

Upstream view of the Lang River from The Deck.


Loy Krathong will be celebrated on 23 November this year. Come join us for a quiet, traditional one, we will help you make your own krathong, float it on the river while you make a wish and then watch the Soppong Loy Krathong parade out front!

We have installed a Netatmo weather station with real-time temperature and humidity readings. If you would like to see what the weather is right here, right now, here is a link. (Update: We received our replacement sensor and our weather station is back up and running.)

Lahu New Year

Lisu kids at last year's Lisu New Year festival in Nong Tong village.

For the second year in a row, TripAdvisor gave us their 2017 Travellers' Choice Award. From Tripadvisor: This award is based on the reviews and opinions of our global travel community, and is the highest honor given by TripAdvisor.

We are one of only three properties in Mae Hong Son province and the only property in Soppong,Pangmapha to win this award. We are all so very grateful that our guests who reviewed us were pleased with our accommodations, food and service, and helped us win this award. Thank you!

We were pleased to see that Lonely Planet gave us their "Top Choice" notation for Soppong in their latest edition. Their review goes on to say "Set among lush gardens with winding paths, the rooms have heaps of character and are all slightly different".

One of our guests posted loads of photos of views around the Inn and our gardens, along our stretch of the Lang River and around Soppong. You can view his blog page here. It's in Thai language, but you can still look at the photos!

We do not like painfully slow wifi access either, so we have a fibre internet connection with multiple high-powered Ubiquity WiFi access points. If you are not a geek, that just means that our free internet access is now faster and you will have a good signal in every room or anywhere on our property.